Regional peace, security and prosperity
through educational cooperation


2nd Official Workshop

During the second official workshop, which was held from December 5th to December 7th, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, project members focused on the substantive content of their chapters. Country-based authors were especially concerned that each chapter emphasizes linkages between ASEAN + 3 countries and the country about which the chapter is written, and that authors take care to cite local and regional scholars. Format standardization was also addressed. Contributors to both the country-based volume and the regional-based volumes proposed a common framework or structure for chapters in their respective volumes. 

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1st Official Workshop

CEAS’ third meeting, held on 17-18 May 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand, was the first CEAS workshop that was supported by the APT Cooperation Fund. This event, the first official CEAS workshop, originally had been scheduled for December 2011. However, as a result of the flooding crisis and its lasting aftermath in 2011 in Thailand, the workshop and associated project workflow was slightly delayed. Despite this unanticipated situation, CEAS members finalized key decisions about the expected outputs of the project. Project members decided that one volume, henceforth called the chapter-based volume, was to contain an introductory chapter for each APT country. The other volumes would focus on institutions, human security and development. CEAS members decided that country-based chapters would be 7,500-8,000 words each and that regional chapters would be 10,000 words each. In addition to agreeing upon this general framework, CEAS authors appointed internal reviewers to assess chapter contents. They also created a schedule for chapter draft submission and finalized the chapter topics in each of the regional volumes. 

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Project Members Decide Title for CEAS Book Project!

After two rounds of voting, CEAS contributors chose the following title for the book project: The New East Asia: Advancing Our Understanding of ASEAN and ASEAN Plus Three. The title, which was chosen by a clear majority of authors, reflects the contributors’ conviction that their work theorizes the ways that a “new” East Asia – one that integrates China, Japan and South Korea with Southeast Asia – is emerging today.

4th Official Workshop Successfully Convened

The 4th official CEAS workshop on “Promotion of ASEAN and East Asian Studies” was held on January 8-10, 2014 at Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok. Close to 60 participants, consisting of authors, reviewers, Book Publishing Working Group members, Future Cooperation Group Members and observers from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and interested universities attended this three-day, intensive workshop. One of the highlights was the speech given by the former Secretary-General of ASEAN and Thammasat Distinguished Fellow, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, on “The Role and Contribution of Higher Education on ASEAN Integration.”

CEAS Progress Report submitted to ASEAN SEC

Last month, CEAS’ annual progress report was submitted and accepted by the ASEAN Secretariat. The report, which was drafted by the CEAS Secretariat, detailed the outputs of the CEAS project from May 2012, when the first ASEAN SEC funds were received, until October, 2013, when the progress report was prepared. In the spirit of transparency, the report focused on those outputs that differed from the anticipated project outcomes enumerated in the project proposal. It also included an indicative work plan, the frameworks with which chapters are to be structured and a list of the signatories to CEAS facilitated Memorandums of Understanding on student and faculty exchange.