Min Wei

alt Name: Min Wei
Academic Title: Assoc. Prof.
School of International studies, Peking University
Departmental Position: Deputy secretary-general of the Center for Southeast Studies, Peking University
Fields of Expertise:
East Asian Studies;
ASEAN Studies
(1) Monograph: A New perspective on ASEAN: Interaction between Nationalism and regionalism, Peking University Press, 2005.
(2) Co-author: The Developmental Process of ASEAN: the retrospect and outlook of ASEAN’s 40 years, Hong Kong Press for Social Science LTD., 2008.
(3) Translation: Can Asian Thinks? Hainan Press, 2005.
(4) Translation: Who are the Illuminati? Hainan Press, 2010.
(5) Paper: On the Vietnam-Japan Economic Relations after Cold War, Afro-Asian Studies, Vol. 7, 1997.
(6) Paper: On Kublai Khan’s Wars in Southeast Asia and their Impact, Afro-Asian Studies, Vol. 8, 1998.
(7) Paper: Globalization and regionalism, International Politics Studies Quarterly, Vol. 4, 2003.
(8) Paper: On the Evolution and trend of Japan’s Foreign Policy, International Politics Studies Quarterly, Vol. 1, 2004.
(9) On Singapore’s Foreign Strategy as a Small Strong Power, Asia-Pacific Studies of Peking University, Vol. 8, 2008.
(10) Paper: On the relations between Singapore and ASEAN: The regional Strategy of a Small State, International Politics Studies Quarterly, Vol. 3, 2008.
(11) Paper: On the Mutual Strategic Recognition between Japan and ASEAN and Their Relations, International Politics Studies Quarterly, Vol. 1, 2009.
(12) There are other more than 15 Papers with and without References published.
Ongoing Research Projects:
Small States and International Relations
School of International Studies,
Peking University,
Beijing, China,
Personal Notes:
As a visiting scholar at Nihon University, Waseda  University, Kansei University of Japan during 2003-2005.
As a visiting scholar at National University of Singapore from 2006 to 2007.
Min Wei is Associate Professor at School of International Studies, Peking University, China. His research interests are Southeast Asian Studies, East Asian Studies and the studies of small states in international relations. He teaches Political Economy in East Asia, Southeast Asian Studies, Globalization and East Asia, and Psychology in International Relations for undergraduate and graduate students. He is the author of New Perspective on ASEAN: The Interaction between Nationalism and Regionalism, and Small State and International Relations, and also the translator and co-translator of several books.