Maung Maung Soe

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Maung Maung Soe

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Yangon Institute of Economic

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Maung Maung Soe is a retired professor from the Yangon Institute of Economics (YIE). He began his study of economics at YIE. He received B. Econ (PD) in 1973; he earned Master’s and Doctoral degrees from the International Institute of Social Sciences (The Hague) and Christian International School of Theology (Manila). Today he is a lecturer in macroeconomics in the Robinson Business School, Yangon Campus and the Business School of Management, Yangon Campus. Dr Soe is also an author of economic articles for journals and magazines. He was the first prize winner of the National Level Manuscript Competition, Ministry of Information, Myanmar in 2000 and Token Awarded Excellence in teaching Economics for 2008 conferred by ABBEY DLD, London.